Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm a grad school

Hi! I’m a grad student at Western with about a year left on my PhD. Grad school makes for long hours, but I make it a priority to get to the gym most days of the week for cardio and weights. I am pretty structured and driven in my professional life, but am easy going in my personal life and like to make the most of down time on the weekends by relaxing with friends. I really enjoy cooking, especially for friends and family! I’ve been in London for about a year and am still in search of the best latte, wine bar and hiking trail! I would love to meet someone interested in exploring London and perhaps taking some day trips around the area. I love learning new things and am planning to pick up guitar this fall and perhaps mountain biking – if I can find a willing instructor! I am looking for someone who is genuine, intelligent and caring. Someone who is similarly career-driven, but willing to take time out for friends and family. I am attracted to optimism and a healthy level of self-confidence. Sound like you? Drop me a line and say hello!